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Life is full of unpleasant mishaps, some more tolerable than others. Finding out that your sewer is backed up can really ruin a perfectly beautiful afternoon. Or even worse, your toilet, sinks, tubs and drains are all burbling over with unpleasant wastewater. That can kill any good mood. 

Sewer backups are a messy indicator that something is amiss with your plumbing, piping or septic system. As you probably guessed, if you have dirty water coming back up into your bathtub or toilet, you should probably call a professional plumber


Simply put, sewer line backups occur when a blockage is preventing wastewater from properly flowing away from the property. Itโ€™s easy to see the aftermath of a backed up sewer line, but pinpointing the blockage takes the expertise of a skilled pro. Here we will discuss how sewer line backups begin, progress, and unfortunately, end up as an icky mess on your floor and countertops.

Blockage Prevents the Flow of Wastewater: There are a multitude of factors that could be at play here. Sewer blockages can be brought on by simple sewer line clogs, roots growing into it, an old or sagging sewer line, or a complete break in the line itself. Having routine sewer line maintenance is crucial to spotting anomalies or clogs before they erupt into something far worse. 

Take Preventative Measures: Obviously, if you are experiencing backed up drains and your toilet is overflowing, it has gone beyond the preventative phase. Even still, for future reference, here are a few tips to maintain your plumbing system and keep it flowing normally. If you notice that your sinks arenโ€™t draining efficiently anymore, your pipes obviously have some sort of blockage. Check drains for blockages right beneath the surface. You may see hair, grim or rust that has started to form in the drain. Unwrap a clothes hanger or use a commercial pipe cleaner to clear any debris from your kitchen and bathroom drains. This may seem minor when compared to an all-out sewer line backup, but seemingly insignificant efforts to keep your drains clean will prevent the accumulation of gunk from going further into your sewer system. 

Drain Cleaners: Again, this would be a good course of action to take before your sewer system becomes compromised, but is worth noting nonetheless. While highly toxic, over-the-counter drain cleaners are effective in keeping your drains free of buildup. There are also some DIY concoctions and household products that do a decent job at keeping your pipes healthy. You can read about them here, in our previous blog entry. 

Wastewater Build-Up: It isnโ€™t a pleasing thing to think about, but when waste has nowhere to go it begins to build up in the sewer line. This begins to create an ever-worsening clog that may eventually lead backups, floods, damage to your fixtures, floors and other surfaces. The more the plumbing is being used in your home or business, the worse the problem becomes. 

When Wastewater Finds Its Way Into Your Home: Water will stop draining all together and start to pool, or even move backward. Congested drains tend to lead to clogged pipes, that ultimately lead to backed up sewer lines. Eventually, the sewer line will fill with wastewater, and when it has nowhere else to go, guess where it winds up? Yup, you guessed it, all over your house. Wastewater will find the nearest exit point when it can no longer flow away from your property. For homeowners who have basements or lower level rooms, the lowest drain in the home will typically be the first to overflow.

Damage to Plumbing, Pipes and Fixtures: Severe pipe and sewer backups can do a lot of damage. It can lead to multiple clogs, gurgling drains and toilets, foul smells and even pipes having to be replaced. If it has gotten to this point it is obvious you need to call the professionals at Detour Plumbing Santa Clarita. 

Everyone runs into a plumbing emergency once or twice in their lives. Thatโ€™s why it is important to have a reliable and affordable plumber on speed-dial. Routinely having your plumbing system inspected can prevent expensive sewer line repairs and sewer replacements in the future.

Detour Plumbing has a team of emergency plumbers and sewer specialists that can be there in an instant to handle the most severe sewer backups. Call us today: 661.495.2483

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