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Most of us make an effort to create resolutions in the hopes we adopt better habits in the new year. While more disciplined resolutions like dieting or sticking to a workout regime may fall by the wayside, dedicating some time to preventative home maintenance is something that everyone should consider. Allowing your home plumbing system to fall into disrepair can wind up costing you big bucks in the long run. 

You don’t need to be an experienced plumber to properly maintain your plumbing system. Regularly checking your pipes, water heater, drains, and fixtures is vital to the upkeep of your home. Don’t let major plumbing problems catch you by surprise and sour your new year. 

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Home Plumbing System 

We’ve taken the liberty of assembling a list of easy-to-do New Year’s resolutions that will keep your plumbing system flowing smoothly all year long. 

  • Don’t Overlook Small Stuff Expert plumbers will agree that minor plumbing problems will eventually turn into more widespread issues if left unrepaired. Do you have a faucet that drips at all hours? Do you hear banging noises coming from your pipes, or water that pools around the sink fixtures or toilet? These may seem like minor anomalies, but most plumbing problems aren’t a big deal, until they are. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to call a professional plumber to find out the root cause behind the mysterious noises and pooling water. It’s less expensive to pay for a plumber to fix something small, rather than call them after something catastrophic happens. 
  • Insulate Your Piping – Some homeowners are oblivious to what piping insulation is, but it’s possible that you may have seen pipes covered in a thick casing of foam before. That is what piping insulation is. Even in warmer climates like California, it still gets chilly in the evenings, especially during the winter months. Insulating water pipes during cold snaps can prevent hot water pipes from losing their heat to outside temperatures. On the flip side, insulation on your cold water pipes during summer heatwaves can dramatically cut down humidity levels inside your home. Insulating your pipes may sound like an impossible and costly project, but it is surprisingly inexpensive and easy to do. 
  • Be Kind to Your Garbage Disposal – Stop treating your garbage disposal like a landfill. You can’t just throw anything into your garbage disposal and expect it to keep working for years to come. Don’t dump hard foods or fibrous vegetables down your garbage disposal. And you should never pour oils, grease or liquid fats down the drain or garbage disposal. When oils and liquid fats cool they coagulate and can really muck up your disposal unit. Things like popcorn kernels, fruit pits and small bones from the turkey can get lodged in the tubing that leads to the unit and cause quite the backup. This could wind up clogging your dishwasher and sink. Make a mental note to treat your garbage disposal with care this new year and avoid costly repairs.  
  • Be More Aware of Your Water Usage – It’s easy to take water for granted, but you should never get into the habit of wasting it. Even the smallest shift in your daily routine can be a huge improvement. As part of your New Year’s plumbing resolution be more thoughtful of how much water you’re using. Simply turning off the water while you brush your teeth can save you thousands of gallons of water this year. The same goes for the shower. Turning on the shower and walking away can cost you more than you think by year’s end. Do your wallet a favor and only turn on the water when you are actively using it. 
  • Routine Water Heater Maintenance – Most water heaters get overlooked. Mostly because they are tucked away in a room you rarely visit and checking on them simply isn’t a priority. When a water heater isn’t properly maintained it can rust and get corroded, which could result in it leaking or bursting. Once that happens it will be a real mess, so it’s best to stay on top of this. Depending on what kind of water heater you have, if you maintain it, water heaters can last up to twelve years. It is recommended that you flush out your water heater every year with the help of a professional plumber. 
  • Don’t Flush Large Objects Down Your Toilet – Your toilet isn’t a trash can. There are just certain things that shouldn’t be flushed into the piping of your home. The biggest culprit for a clogged toilet or drainage system is the accumulation of flushable wipes. Sure the packaging says they are flushable, but that doesn’t mean your plumbing system can handle it. This is especially true in older homes. Flushable wipes and women’s sanitary products should be disposed of in a trash can to prevent future clogs and backups.  
  • Install a Home Water Filtration System – Have you ever noticed your skin becoming flaky or especially dry after taking a shower? You may have a hard water problem or your local water supply has harsh chemicals in it. Either way, it isn’t anything you want to bathe in. Installing a whole-home water filtration system can not only provide you with clean drinking water right out of the tap, but will also leave your skin and hair feeling like a million bucks. Treat yourself to clean water this new year with a water filtration system. 
  • Gold Stars for Drain GuardsThis is a really cheap and simple preventative measure that anyone can manage. Instead of having to hassle with pulling hair and debris out of your shower and sink drains, these little devices will catch all the gunk before it even enters the drain. This can be a lifesaver for those that have long hair or a large family using the same shower and bathroom. 
  • Get an Inspection Even if you cut down on your water usage and use drain guards, it still can’t replace a professional’s touch. Most plumbers will be happy to come to your home and do a thorough plumbing inspection and assessment. They will be able to spot any minor leaks or faulty pipes, check for gas leaks and give your plumbing system a clean bill of health. This is very affordable and will give you peace of mind in the year ahead. 

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