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Low water pressure is more than an inconvenience. It is a major plumbing problem. Normally, water pressure in your home should be 40 to 45 psi, but if it’s lower than the usual range, water pressure problems are quite noticeable with your bathroom faucet, shower, kitchen sink, or dishwasher. Sometimes, they’re caused by two plumbing fixtures used at once. While the problem may be due to overuse, there also may be larger issues with the plumbing system in your house.

If you’re noticing issues with water pressure, these are some of the top causes to help you determine whether to call a professional plumber.

Pipe Problems

A variety of issues can occur with pipes. As a homeowner, you should recognize these signs of potential trouble with your piping system:

  • Clogs: Dirt, debris, sand, and mineral buildup can cause blockages and disrupt water flow. A clog can manifest as reduced water pressure at first. Clogged pipes can be addressed by a licensed plumber, who can determine whether the blockage can be cleaned out or the pipe needs to be replaced.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion is a common problem in older pipes. Galvanized steel pipe is most susceptible. It can build up to the point water flow becomes restricted. Unfortunately, corroded pipe can’t be fixed. It must be replaced in order to resolve the problem. Oftentimes a plumber will need to replace large sections of older pipe.
  • Leak: Low pressure can mean there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. This means water is exiting the plumbing where it shouldn’t, possibly from more than one location. A leak can cause serious water damage and mold growth. It can also coincide with an unexplainable increase in your utility bill.

Water Valve Issues

Low water pressure isn’t always caused by a pipe problem. Valves in your plumbing can wear out or be left at the wrong setting. These include the main shutoff valve, which may reduce water pressure if it isn’t all the way open. The utility water supply enters through here. If it isn’t completely open and looks like a garden hose wheel, turn it counterclockwise. Some shutoff valves have a lever, which are parallel to the pipe in the open position.

The water meter valve can also be the source of the problem. Owned by the water company, it is designed to control water intake. It may be left partially closed after someone repaired the system. If you notice lower water pressure after a recent repair, contact the local water company to address the issue.

Pressure Regulator Issues

The pressure regulator is another type of valve. It is used to reduce input pressure. A damaged regulator can cause water pressure to rise to dangerous levels. If your home has a pressure regulator (not all do) and there’s a sudden change in how your fixtures work, call an expert plumber to replace the unit. This is relatively simple for an experienced plumbing technician to do.

Local Water Supplier Issues

If your local water supplier is having an issue, it can affect the water pressure at home. Their equipment can develop leaks, buildups, and various other problems. Contact the water supplier to see if this is the case or there have been changes to city/municipal water regulations. The supplier must follow these, but you can opt to install a water pressure booster system to counteract the issue. Contact your plumber to see if this is a viable option.

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