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Video camera inspection has become a common practice in the plumbing business. At Detour Plumbing, we like to make sure our customers benefit from fast, precise service. Sewer line problems can wreak havoc on your entire plumbing system. Video sewer line inspection allows us to quickly find exactly what the problem is by inserting a camera attached to a long, flexible rod. While the images may not be beautiful, the benefits of video inspection include:

No Guesswork

A technician can instantly figure out whether items flushed down the toilet, hardened grease, or tree roots are causing the problem. The camera can find any type of blockage that may be causing your drains to be slow or water to back up. Knowing the exact nature of the material blocking the sewer line enables us to determine the most effective way to remove it.

Spotting Any Damage

If there’s a crack, hole, or corrosion, a plumber will see it firsthand. Repairs can be made at the same time we clean the pipe. The camera feed can show whether a pipe is in danger of collapsing; if so, then we can replace that section before more costly repairs are needed. Any holes that are found can be patched up as well.

Fast Leak Detection

Signs of a water leak aren’t always that clear. If there are subtle signs of trouble, the inspection camera will find the cause and the exact location of the leak. Plumbers can measure the distance the camera has traveled to pinpoint where it is, whether behind a wall or under the slab. Otherwise, water leaks can end up costing you a lot of money in water bills and damage.

Your Property Is Protected

Traditionally, the only way to find a sewer line clog was to dig up the pipe. Not knowing exactly where a clog or break is means having to dig holes and trenches on your lawn, destroying plant life and anything else there in the process. Landscape repairs alone can cost a fortune. 

Fewer Distractions

Video sewer line inspection is not only easy for the homeowner. A less noisy, more efficient process won’t disturb your neighbors like the sewer repair methods of the old days. There are also fewer permitting requirements since removing a clog or repairing a pipe requires less work on your property.

Savings on a New Home

Inspections are part of the home buying process. If you are shopping around for a new home, schedule a sewer line inspection before making your decision. It can cost thousands of dollars to repair the sewer system, depending on the condition it is in. A video inspection now can avoid these expenses later on.

Retrieve Valuable Items

If you lost a ring or other piece of jewelry down a drain, a plumber can find it if it’s still in the sewer pipe. If it’s there, the video will show it, and the item can be retrieved with the proper equipment.

Call Detour Plumbing

We prefer video sewer line inspection because it enables us to provide better customer service. The advantages also include accurate quoting. Since it’s easier to diagnose the problem and determine exactly what it is, we can provide an accurate quote on your repairs. If you suspect a sewer line problem, our Santa Clarita plumbers can assist you. Serving customers throughout Southern California and available 24/7, they can find and fix any problem. Call Detour Plumbing at 661-424-9820 now to request service.

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