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Drain cleaning and maintenance is extremely important for your plumbing system. Blockages often occur from what enters through the drains, and many plumbing problems can be identified via drainage issues. Plumbing maintenance is crucial. There are always things running through pipes and down drains that can cause clogs, corrosion, and ultimately pipe failure.

If you havenโ€™t had a sink, dishwasher, washing machine, toilet, or tub drain professionally cleaned in a while, here are a few reasons itโ€™s so important:

Reduced Blockages

Oftentimes you can deal with slow drains and small clogs with a consumer-grade drain cleaner, but itโ€™s a different story for more serious clogs. The proper drain cleaning can reduce buildup and prevent issues such as toilets overflowing or sewer lines that leak or burst. You can avoid problems that are inconvenient, expensive, and messy not to mention bad for your health, including mold and mildew that can affect indoor air quality.

Prevent Bad Odors

By maintaining your drainage and plumbing, you can avoid a stinky situation from odors that reach your home from deep in the plumbing system. Sewers are naturally full of bad smells. Regular drain cleaning is the best way to avoid dealing with them. It ensures things flow normally and smells that shouldnโ€™t be inside your homestay deep in the sewers.

Cost Savings

Even if your plumber charges for drain cleaning, you significantly reduce expenses. A sewer line inspection can detect old rusty and leaky pipes before they burst. If tree roots have penetrated, the appropriate actions can be taken. There are many repair methods that are less expensive, and invasive, than dealing with burst pipes and a flood. Plus, frequent maintenance and repairs, when needed, help save on your utility bill thanks to less water lost to leakage.

A More Sanitary Home

Bugs, bacteria, viruses, and a host of contaminants may be in sewer water. Clogged and overflowing drains bring all these into your home. Water damage and mold can compound the problem, putting your home at risk from many fronts. Regular drain cleanings and inspections can avoid such issues, so your familyโ€™s health and the integrity of your home are protected.

The Outside of Your Property Is Protected

Drain problems, and plumbing issues in general, can create hazards outside your home. If you have a blocked drain, it can leave standing water on your lawn. Standing water can make practically any surface slippery and dangerous and cause soil erosion. It can kill off your entire garden and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If there are persistent puddles around your home, a blocked drain may be the culprit.

Longer Lasting Pipes

Maintenance can increase the lifespan of your plumbing system. Leaking pipes, slow drains, and other symptoms will lead to bigger problems later. A weakened pipe is subject to continuous pressure that can easily reduce its lifespan and cause it to fail at the most inopportune time. A plumbing maintenance service can, therefore, increase the longevity of your pipes and address issues before there is a total failure.

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