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Water Heater Repair in Santa Clarita

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A lack of hot water can prevent you from taking a shower, doing the laundry, or washing the dishes. However, it is not just inconvenient when the water from your faucets and plumbing fixtures is cold. It can indicate a serious problem that needs to be addressed right away. By putting off professional service, you risk needing more extensive water heater repair, or having to replace your hot water heater prematurely.

At Detour Plumbing, our technicians are experienced with every type of water heater, and can address any problem. Whether you need electric water heater repair or have safety concerns and require gas water heater repair, you can count on our expert plumbing technicians in Santa Clarita, CA. They can repair connections, replace parts, and make adjustments that allow your water heater to function more reliably and efficiently.

Common Water Heater Problems

Water heaters can develop a wide range of problems over time. Even if you purchased a high-end modern appliance, it may eventually need repairs. Here are some of the common problems that can occur and that we often see:

  • Water Heater Leak: There are many reasons for a water heater leak, making it a challenge to diagnose without expert knowledge. Our technicians are experienced at troubleshooting, diagnostics, and water heater leak repair. Fast leak detection and repair can avoid serious troubles ranging from water damage to appliance failure.
  • A Lack of Hot Water: Running out of hot water can be due to a thermostat issue. In some cases, the thermostat can be adjusted to the desired temperature, especially as the seasons change. During the colder months, hot water may lose heat too quickly, but if the problem persists, loose wiring, faulty components, or too small a tank may be the cause.
  • Very Hot Water: The thermostat may need to be adjusted as seasonal temperatures rise. However, a wiring problem can prevent you from lowering the water temperature to a comfortable level. It’s therefore important to have a professional check the appliance for any hidden issues. 
  • Low Pressure: Older piping may be too low a gauge to support the desired water pressure. Our plumber can update your piping or check for calcium deposits, sediment, or rust in your plumbing system that may be interfering with water flow from your hot water heater.
  • Dirty/Rusty Water: Corrosion inside the tank can cause water to look rusty. If the tank is severely corroded, it may start to leak. Dirty water can indicate problems as well, whether caused by sediment in the hot water outlet or scale build-up on heating elements.
  • Noise: A build up of minerals or sediment can cause the water heater to make banging, knocking, hissing, or popping sounds. These are often caused by contaminants in the tank or build-up on heating elements. But noise can be caused by more serious problems such as high tank pressure or a leak.

Conventional Water Heater Repairs

A variety of known problems can occur with conventional water heaters. With gas water heaters, common issues include the pilot light going out; sometimes, this can be corrected by lighting it again. Damage to the thermocouple can cause the water heater to fail. Other common problems can affect pressure relief valves, anode rods, and dip tubes. The unique danger with these water heaters is the gas that can escape if there’s damage—it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, a fire, or explosion if not corrected.

Electric water heaters are designed differently than their gas counterparts. Problems often originate from heating elements, thermostats, or the power source. Tripped breakers commonly affect water heater function. Like with gas water heaters, electric models can develop corrosion and mineral scale. Faulty plumbing connections can be problematic as well. Electric water heater repair issues are unique in that problems can be tied directly to your home electrical system, so it’s important to address potential wiring, electrical connection, and panel defects as well.

Water Heater Leak Repair

If a leak is found in your water heater, it should be repaired as soon as possible. Water damage to your belongings and home may be imminent. Your water bills may become more expensive too. Fortunately, a water heater leak has noticeable symptoms so you can call Detour Plumbing and we’ll quickly find the source and recommend the best solution to fix it. We’ll also inspect your water heater and plumbing for additional sources of leakage and other potential problems. Quick service means your hot water heater can last longer and run reliably while consuming less water.

Water Heater Maintenance

Regular maintenance can maintain efficiency and ensure your water heater is safe to operate. It can also help prevent leaks from occurring. Once our maintenance technicians spot the beginnings of a problem, they can often find an easier fix than if the appliance were to fail. We provide the exact maintenance recommended by the manufacturer based on the type, design, and location of the water heater, which can extend its operating life considerably.

Contact Detour Plumbing for Your Water Heater Repairs

Whether you need water heater leak repair or smell gas and need emergency gas water heater repair, Detour Plumbing can provide the professional service you need. Our electric water heater repair technicians can address both your appliance and electrical system issues. Trained, prompt, and thorough, our team can fix any problem. We are available 24/7 if you have an emergency and offer financing plans as well.

To request a quote, an appointment, or urgent water heater repair, call us at 661-424-9820 today!

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