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Water Heater Installation and Replacement in Santa Clarita

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Installing a water heater requires technical experience, training, and extreme care. The last thing you need when water heater replacement is necesary is to worry about who is doing the job. At Detour Plumbing, our technicians are trusted throughout Santa Clarita and Southern California to provide professional water heater installation. Working with gas and electrical lines can be extremely dangerous. Our team is equipped to handle any issues that come up and deal with hot water tanks that are under pressure. 

Whether your old appliance is damaged or there are previous installation and regulatory issues, we can safely remove the water heater and install a brand-new unit. We will make sure it is properly connected to your plumbing system and, if necessary, wired, vented, and soldered. All work is compliant with the latest building codes and ensures your hot water heater will work for years to come. Our team is experienced and trusted at conventional water heater installation no matter the requirements of your home or business.

Gas Water Heater Installation

A gas water heater must be properly connected to your gas supply system. The job requires working with your gas and water lines. Most homeowners don’t have experience working with one or the other, let alone both. Our technicians have all the training and expertise needed to safely deal with each type of connection, place and install venting, properly align the appliance, and secure all piping to the appropriate lines. We’ll even test it for leaks, light the pilot light, and verify the water heater is functioning before we are done. It may seem like a delicate process, but the experts at Detour plumbing get it done right the first time.

Electric Water Heater Installation

Replacing an electric water heater involves safely disconnecting the old unit from your electrical system. While we do this, we’ll check for electrical issues such as faulty wiring and whether your electrical panel is rated to safely supply a new appliance. In addition to connecting the hot and cold water supply lines, it’s also necessary to properly wire the unit and ground the wiring. Turning the system on for the first time can be a challenge. Once the water heater is installed, we will turn on the power from the panel and bleed the hot water lines, which is necessary to do in the proper order because the electric elements must be submerged before they turn on; otherwise, they can catch fire and be destroyed.

Water Heater Replacement Services

Whether you have an old water heater or your system suddenly fails, we are available 24/7 to address the problem at hand. More compact, efficient, and easier to maintain hot water heaters are available so, when you need a replacement, it is likely to result in more savings over time. Our technicians will assess your home and hot water needs to decide on the model best suited for your home and family. We know how surprising and financially difficult having to replace your water heater can be. But our team will assist you during the entire replacement process, complete with free estimates, financing, and dependable installation.

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A new water heater can save on energy costs, allow more room for storage, and provide hot water much faster. At Detour Plumbing, we provide comprehensive water heater installation services that eliminate the stress and hassle. We’ll also inform you on how to keep the unit running effectively and efficiently. If your appliance is 10 years old or more, is less reliable than it used to be, or frequent repairs are necessary, contact us for suggestions on water heater replacement. Our team works within your schedule and budget (unbeatable financing plans are available).

 To learn more, request an in-home consultation, or set a date and time for electric water heater installation or gas water heater installation, call 661-424-9820 today!

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