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Toilet Installation & Repair in Santa Clarita

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Toilets are fixtures we rely on every single day. They are typically well-designed, so you may go years without having concerns about reliability. And when there is a minor problem, a household plunger often fixes it. However, there are times when you need a licensed plumber to deal with more serious issues, such as leaks, broken flush valves, or cracked toilets. At Detour Plumbing, we provide 24/7 emergency service to meet all your toilet installation, repair, and replacement needs when time is of the essence.

Professional Toilet Repair

When you have a problem you can’t fix yourself, our licensed, insured, and bonded plumbers can find the root cause and provide the necessary repairs. We can also check the plumbing serving your toilet to locate any hidden issues to correct. Various adjustments can be made to improve toilet efficiency so it uses less water.

Our technicians are prompt and we are always efficient and timely. You’ll never wait long for service and for your toilet, drains, and pipes to be repaired. We stick to our commitment with every service call no matter what time it may come.

Common Toilet Issues and Problems

An experienced plumber is able to fix many different problems. Detour Plumbing is experienced with correcting issues such as:

  • Water pooling around the toilet
  • Inconsistent running water
  • The toilet constantly runs
  • Slow-filling tank
  • Damaged toilet flappers
  • Broken toilet handles
  • Malfunctioning wall valves
  • Loud and/or unusual noises
  • Stubborn clogs 

Contact us right away when you experience toilet trouble. Waiting can only make the problem worse. The issue might cause damage to pipes and drains if it’s not fixed in a timely manner. We complete toilet repairs quickly and that last, so you can have the peace of mind of a trouble-free bathroom.

Installation & Replacement Services

If you find you need constant repairs or the porcelain bowl is cracked, replacing the toilet is often a cheaper and more practical option. New toilets tend to be more efficient and reliable. Once a new one is installed, you most likely won’t be dealing with issues anytime soon. Home and business owners in Santa Clarita also rely on us for tank installs and providing new toilet seats when they’re unsure of how to secure them. Our technicians are trained and equipped to install any make or model of toilet. They can fulfill any request you may have.

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Our Santa Clarita plumbers are trusted for installing new toilets and repairing leaks and components such as flush valves. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Detour Plumbing provides lasting solutions and can repair any issue so long as it is practical to due so. When a replacement is needed, we make the best recommendations possible and provide fast and affordable installations. Is your toilet not working right? Call us today at 661-424-9820 for immediate service.

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When you need Santa Clarita plumbers in an emergency, you can reach us 24 hours a day and we’ll be there in minutes to inspect and fix the problem. Detour Plumbing is locally owned and operated, so you can trust us to address all your plumbing needs. We offer up-front pricing and a 100% service guarantee. Customers throughout Santa Clarita and Southern California depend on our quick, reliable service. If you need a plumber, we’re standing by 24/7. Call now at (661) 424-9820 or contact us online to request service or a quote.



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