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Detour Plumbing is trusted by Santa Clarita home and business owners for high-quality drain cleaning. A clogged drain can affect the function of your entire plumbing system. If debris gets through the drain, over time, it can collect underneath and in pipes, causing a variety of issues. Whether you need to flush the toilet, wash your hands, or take a bath, the plumbing system is a modern necessity. Consumer drain cleaners aren’t always enough to correct clogged drain problems. At Detour Plumbing, our experienced technicians can address a range of issues that are causing your drains to clog up.

Common Signs of a Clogged Drain

Customers often call wondering whether their drains are clogged. The signs nearly always point to something wrong, but you might not know the exact nature of the problem. Here are some common signs you may have a clogged drain and require drain cleaning:

  • Water is still standing in your shower/bath after opening the drain.
  • The drains are making unusual sucking or gurgling sounds.
  • You flush the toilet, but water comes up instead of going down.
  • The toilet gurgles when water is used elsewhere in the house.
  • Water flows up into the sink without draining.

Common Signs of a Clogged Drain

Numerous household substances can cause drains to clog. Soap, shampoo, and detergent can build up over time, as can grease from cooking in the kitchen. Hair is often a culprit that accumulates within the pipe below the drain. Dirt and debris from everyday living can get down there and cause problems as well. In some cases, a sewage backup can reach your drains, or at the very least fill the pipes to the point water will not drain.

You can help prevent clogging by not letting any solid objects get down your drains. It’s usually better to call a technician because off-the-shelf chemical drain cleaners can damage pipes. Mixing cleaning compounds can trigger dangerous reactions, while biodegradable drain treatments should be used to protect the environment. If you’re not sure what to use, don’t hesitate to contact a plumbing professional who has the knowledge and experience to provide safe and effective drain cleaning.

Benefits of Drain Clean Out

Drain clean out is essential if you want your plumbing to work normally again. It also enables our technicians to get set up for additional services, such as camera inspection, hydro jetting, and pipeline repair and replacement. The process allows access to deeper clogs via standard blades and cables too. Clean out can also:

  • Make it easier to find the sewer line
  • Prevent flooding in your home
  • Reduce the need for machinery that can be messy

A thorough clean out therefore makes the plumber’s job easier and can reduce the cost each time a drain needs to be cleared. More advanced equipment may not be needed. The process can also reduce demand on heavier duty tools if they’re required. Overall, it lets us quickly unclog kitchen or bathroom drains prone to blockage by substances used daily in Santa Clarita homes.

Drain Cleaning Services with Detour Plumbing

Our plumbing technicians can preserve your plumbing system by using proven means to unclog your drains. Store-bought drain products may not be effective. Some can damage your pipes. At Detour Plumbing, we specialize in providing lasting solutions that go beyond the immediate cause of a clogged drain or toilet. Our technicians are trained in drain cleaning on a level that ensures your system is completely cleared, so you’re free of hidden, persistent drain problems. They also inspect the plumbing system and make recommendations, whether you need repiping or just minor repairs.

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