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Before selling your home, addressing any issues can boost its appeal and help get the best sale price. Potential buyers often ask about the condition of the plumbing system. Plumbing is therefore a major consideration for homeowners in the selling process, as it is for day-to-day living. If you have any plumbing issues or concerns, speak with a real estate agent to understand how to proceed and hire a plumbing service contractor to correct any problems. Plumbing repair helps avoid surprises during a home inspection. With these factors in mind, here are the key areas to address before putting your home on the market.

Hot Water Heater

The function of your hot water heater is an important consideration before selling your home. Check to make sure it’s working properly. Issues to look for include leaks or drainage, which indicate the unit must be repaired. A noisy water heater likely needs repairs as well. Also, make sure the system operates in compliance with local building codes. Otherwise, your house might fail an inspection. Call a plumber if there’s no or too little hot water, the water is too hot, or the water pressure is low.

Significant Pipe Leaks and Backups

Homeowners are usually required to disclose any backups or other plumbing issues before a sale, as they can indicate blockages or sewer line problems. If your pipes aren’t watertight, utility bills will go up dramatically. A broken pipe can cause significant water damage. A plumbing inspection can include a look at pipe from the inside with a special camera. This lets a plumber find hidden clogs, leaks, and the causes of water stains, pealed paint, or soggy floors.

Septic Tank

A septic tank requires special care and maintenance. If you haven’t done so recently, have a trained plumber check that it’s working properly. Septic leaks can cause significant problems in the environment and can even contaminate the local water supply.

Running Water and Dripping Fixtures

Running water is crucial, but there are many details to consider. Issues may originate from the main water line or a leaky sink, faucet, or toilet. A dripping faucet poses a problem because it can waste thousands of gallons per year. Even small water leaks can damage floors, drywall, and wooden supports. Persistent dampness can lead to mold growth, which carries a host of problems on its own. Any leak on your property should be fixed immediately.

Clogged Drains

If a drain is slow or sluggish, there may be a clogged pipe or sewer line. A slow toilet, sink, or bathtub should be inspected by a plumbing technician. A clogged drain is often less expensive to fix than other plumbing problems. Your plumber may be able to use a snake to unclog a drain. They are also equipped to check for and fix other issues, even it involves a sewer pipe or connection.

Plumbing System Age and Condition

Plumbing systems eventually succumb to old age. But although an older plumbing system is more likely to have problems, it does not need to be fixed if nothing is broken or leaking. It’s important to communicate any repairs or upgrades with a potential buyer; that way, you can inform them of measures taken to improve the system or help it run more smoothly.

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