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A plumbing problem that seems minor can quickly escalate into something urgent and potentially catastrophic. While a DIY fix may sometimes resolve small issues, it’s important not to be too self-assured. Knowing when to call an expert can mean the difference between a quick resolution and a prolonged, aggravating, and costly experience.

Detour Plumbing can address any pipe or fixture problem. Here are reasons you should consider the situation an emergency and call a plumbing professional immediately:

1. There’s a Risk of Flooding

Any time there’s the potential for a flood, you need a professional right away. There are numerous plumbing mishaps that can lead to flooding, which can cause irreparable damage to flooring, carpet, furniture, insulation, building materials, and wood framing. Water can short out your electrical system and quickly trigger mold. The cleanup and costs can be extensive, but you can avoid tens of thousands of dollars in repairs by calling a professional right away for help.

2. Burst Pipe

There’s no doubt you need an emergency plumber when there’s a pipe burst. Water can flood your home quickly and in massive quantities, causing extensive damage to your infrastructure. You can also minimize the damage by shutting off your water supply. Also, move valuables away from flooded areas. Your 24-hour plumber can help fix your pipe, but you may want to inquire whether they offer water remediation services too.

3. Toilet Overflow

If your toilet is overflowing, chances are the water may be contaminated. There could be bacteria and viruses that can put your health at risk. It might seem like you can clear a blockage with ease. However, there may be additional problems you can’t see. It’s important to ensure the overflow won’t occur again.

4. Sewer Backup

Sewage contains all the waste products that have been removed from your home. A backup in the sewer line can cause fumes, odors, and pathogens to infiltrate the indoor environment, creating an extreme health hazard. Running water and the function of your bathroom facilities will be compromised. A sewer backup, whether caused by a blockage, broken pipe, or tree root intrusion, is an urgent reason to call your emergency plumber.

5. Freezing Water in the Shower

Cold water in the shower first comes as a jolt to the senses. Then you realize something must be seriously wrong. A cold shower is often caused by a hot water heater problem. You can try checking the unit’s breaker box, or the pilot light on a gas heater. If you can’t fix the problem by flicking a switch, or hear rattling noises, call your local plumber. Water heaters generally don’t last much longer than 11 years, so if it’s older, consider replacing it.

6. Clogged Drains

You may be inclined to take out the plunger. While this can be effective, a clogged drain may be backing up for hidden reasons, which can ultimately lead to rising water you can’t control. Call a plumber if the drain keeps clogging up or multiple drains in your home are clogged. If rarely used drains are affected, a sewer problem may be the cause.

Call Detour Plumbing immediately if you notice any of these problems. Wet spots in your yard, dripping water spigots outside, and signs your pipes have frozen during a cold spell are also good reasons to contact us. We’re trusted throughout Southern California and by Santa Clarita homeowners for our expertise, friendly service, and 24/7 availability. Give us a call at 661-523-0156 or request service online.

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