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Germs have been pushed to the forefront of everyoneโ€™s mind lately amid the spread of the novel coronavirus. Your home is likely the safest, germ-free space for you and your family to coexist. But that doesnโ€™t mean outfitting your kitchen with hands-free fixtures isnโ€™t a welcome addition to your home.

Touchless kitchen faucets have grown in popularity. Not only because they are innovative, but touchless faucets are pleasing to the eye, hygienic, and conserve water. If youโ€™re thinking about installing a hands-free faucet on your kitchen sink, or even in your bathroom, weโ€™re here to convince you to go for it!ย 

5 Reasons to Install a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

There arenโ€™t many drawbacks to touchless kitchen faucets. Since there arenโ€™t any notable negatives, here is a quick list of reasons to install a touchless kitchen faucet in your home or investment property.ย 

  • Prevents the Spread of Germs – Cutting down on the spread of germs is an obvious perk. Faucet handles are hotbeds for germs and bacteria. Since you canโ€™t help but touch the faucet before washing your hands, it is inevitable that the handle will get contaminated. Because your kitchen is mostly used for cooking, bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, and even staph can make their way from uncooked foods to the sink faucet. Then factor in your kitchen being one of the most high-traffic areas of the home, and you can see how germs could congregate on the faucet. Hands-free faucets are an excellent safety measure to keep your family safe and healthy for years to come.ย 
  • Conserve Water – All life needs water to survive. Thatโ€™s why water conservation should be on the top of everyoneโ€™s priority list. Not only to help the planet, but your pocketbook as well. It is rumored that you use around two gallons of water each time you wash your hands. Touchless kitchen faucets turn off automatically, so you can rest easy knowing youโ€™re saving money on your water bill and helping conserve one of our planetโ€™s most precious natural resources.ย 
  • Hands-Free Convenience – Have you ever been cutting uncooked meat, mincing sticky fruit, or kneading cookie dough and needed to wash your handsโ€ฆ You go to turn on your kitchen sink and are forced to use your elbow or a dirty hand that has food-goo all over it? Well, those days are over. Hands-free kitchen faucets make washing your hands effortless and convenient.
  • Cleanliness – Smudges, crusted on food, and other grime is a regular sight on traditional faucets. Say goodbye to sticky fingerprints and palm prints when you install a touchless kitchen faucet. Now there is never a need to put your dirty hands on the faucet ever again.ย 
  • Safe for the Entire Family – For parents of young children, or if you have an elderly relative living in your home, safety is even more of a priority. Youโ€™ll be pleased to know that most models of touchless kitchen faucets can be programmed to regulate the water temperature. This guarantees that the water coming out of the faucet is never scalding and will prevent any potential burns.ย ย 

Call Detour Plumbing Los Angeles to Install Touchless Kitchen Faucets in Your Home

If you have decided to switch out your old fixtures with hands-free, touchless kitchen faucets youโ€™ll need a trusted plumber to get the job done right the first time. Contact one of the professional plumbers at Detour Plumbing. We are prepared to work in your home under the strict government and coronavirus CDC guidelines, taking every precaution necessary to keep you and your family safe during the current COVID-19 crisis. We are enacting added safety precautions to ensure our customers and their home environments are left undisturbed.

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